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EZ: I think that one competition for Europeans only is a great idea, and is something also necessary for the BJJ community in Europe. Europeans can fight and check the level. Of course is important to compete with Brazilians and Americans too but for sure this kind of competitions will help to increase the European BJJ level.

EZ: I’ve been referring at International events since 2012, I always liked to refer and I think the professors need to be involved in this things for the new generations have a high quality competitions. The most important competitions that I’ve been refereeing was IBJJF European 4 times, and NoGi Europeans 5 times. Also in UAEJJF in London Grand Slam several times and in Abu Dhabi too. I was referring the ACB events (Absolute Berkut Championship) around the world, the profesional superfights and the open tournament as well.

EZ: 3) Yes of course. I still fighting, I love to compete! I like do both. Sure, I will tell all my team members to take part of this European only tournament, is a good chance to compete in a great event ad test themselves.

EZ: Well, many times I have been referring famous and top fighter (world champions etc) the pressure is high and the responsibility too, but just this is a big motivation for me, do my best and do the right thing. Be part of some matches are awesome but always remembered that the fighters are the stars of the show, referees only are there to ride the fight and apply the rules.

EZ: Thank you for the interview and see you in Bucharest!