WBJJA: How do you see the expansion of BJJ across Europe in the latest years in terms of participants to competitions?

A.P.: So far I have been training jiu jitsu in Europe since 1998 and the growth from then has been outstanding. I believe it will just keep growing every year.

WBJJA: So far, the initiative of having this European Championship only for Europeans received a positive feedback. Do you think the athletes need this type of tournaments, for their Continent only? If yes, what do you this is the reason? Is it about the ranking they can get?

A.P.: I think is a great incentive for European athletes and I am not surprised about the positive feedback.

WBJJA:  Do you have any predictions in regards to the participation at this new tournament? What are , in your perspective, the strong and the weak aspects of this European only championship, if there are any?

A.P.: My predictions are always positive. I can only see this type of competitions growing each year and I am greatful to be part of this.

WBJJA: Can you share a bit of your refereeing experience? What are the promotions and tournaments you were most present at, as an official?

A.P.: I have been training jiu jitsu since 1997. I was in the beginning of jiu-jitsu in Europe mostly in the UK. I have been refereeing since 2001. I refereed submission only matches, kids worlds and NAGA.  I comfortable with any rule set.

WBJJA:  What do you think are the main aspects that make a tournament a good and strong one? Is the number or registers, the technical level of the athlets, the organization, the professional level of the officials

A.P.: In my experience what makes a successful tournament is the prestige. The number of participants, the organisation, the staff, podium, medals and a great atmosphere.

WBJJA: Thank you for your words!

A.P. Your welcome!