WBJJA will promote two competition format. One for all academyes, and one just for National Federations or contry reprezentative organisations members.

Age category

WBJJA is planning to introduce a new age group: “Youth” (18-23) and a new competition format by the year 2020.

Weight class:

The weight and age classes used in BJJ competitions will remain the same, mentioning the introduction of an intermediate age group, between the Juvenile and Adult categories. The Youth category is for persons between 18 and 23 years old. The Juvenile group will be the only one hosting athletes between the ages of 17 and 18 years old. The name for “adult” category will be changen in  “seniors”.

Competition Format

In addition to the classical format of the BJJ competitions, progressing with levels of experience (Belts), WBJJA introduces competition formats that are meant to suit the needs of the National Federations (where they exist) in order to help with the integration of the sport, into national-level and also to align itself with the rest of international federations of the Olimpic family, when it comes to the performance requirements. 

That is why we will have two World Tours and another two Regional Tours. 

In the official Continental and World tours, is where athletes, selected by national federations and WBJJA affiliated academies and associations will compete. Only the athletes selected by their national federations or the major forums of their respective countries, which have permanent or temporary membership access to WBJJA may compete. 

The official title of the winner will be that of “World Champion”

Trials: Individual and also most likely teams (3×3)

Every winner of each category will receive medals and also cups imprinted with the titles of “World Champion” or “Continental Champion”.

In the classic belt-level regional and world tours, all academies may enter provided that they have permanent or temporary a WBJJA membership. 

The title of the winner will be: “World Champion by the division of Belt color”.

In individual trials, winners will earn a medal and a colored belt which will be embroidered with the name of the event and “Champion” title. 

Both these events may take place in the same period of time and the same location, so that management of the venue becomes efficient and well organized, for the mutual benefit of both athletes, federations and staff members alike.

Titles of both events are in development.

If you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

For the first WBJJA World Championship 2019, the championship scheduled in September, the name will be WBJJA WORLD 2019. Started with 2020, the official names and shedule for World and Continental Championships will be anounced  until by the end of this year

We will be back with more details soon.